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The company was initially founded in 1991 and named S. Frangoulis (Ship Management) Ltd, but renamed Fortius Ship Management Ltd in January 2018 in order to further solidify its branding. Fortius exists in the same legal form since 1991, but initially sprouted through the shipping havoc of the early eighties. Since then, through numerous changes and continuous growth, Fortius has been established as a well respected ship management group and managed numerous ships of many sizes. In November 2010, Fortius made its debut in the Newbuilding vessel sector, through the successful delivery of M/V Mercurius by SPP Shipbuilding in Korea, followed by M/V Sirius in Jan 2011.

Throughout the years Fortius has specialised in handysize bulk carrier vessels, the most versatile and all around type of dry bulk cargo vessel. In utilising these ships, Fortius provides reliable shipping services to its Charterers, whether on a short or long term basis, and has, hence, succeeded in building long-standing business relationships. During its course it has always offered a variety of top quality shipping services to our customers – shipowners, including: Chartering, Sale & Purchase, Ships Operation, Technical Management, Newbuilding Construction Supervision, Quality Assurance, Crewing, Accounting.


Our Mission is to ship commodities around the globe in the safest and most economical way. The difficulties of handling such a task lie in the perplexity of world sea trade and its dangers. Our main advantage lies in our personnel. Our managing team keeps a close supervision on all departments, while the company ashore employs several ex-mariner employees, truly devoted and capable of giving the best possible service to the fleet’s Charterers. The ships themselves are also manned by a very carefully selected crew, experienced and serving our company for a number of years.

Fortius or its employees are members of the following Associations:

  • Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
  • Hellenic Shipbrokers Association
  • Gearclub


Safety and Environmental Protection are of paramount importance in our sphere of operations. These two key areas need to be effectively controlled to prevent any unnecessary injuries, damage to health, loss of life or degradation of the environment. In order to preserve these values our company has embraced IMO’s International Safety Management Code requirements within its Quality System. The standard, including safety management system, is designed to ensure that our Company’s activities are sufficiently controlled to protect personnel, property and the environment from all reasonably expected risks and hazards.

Our Company recognises that an effective Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection Program makes for a more profitable operation and thereby ensures the welfare of all involved in our business both ashore and at sea. Safety is the concern of all and has no rank. However, to be effective, it has to be management led. To this end, the management is committed to making all personnel more safety conscious and encourages everyone to become actively involved in identifying possible hazards, by implementing corrective actions and constantly monitoring all facets of their working environment to ensure Quality & Safety conditions prevail.

An accident is indicative of a failure in the operating system. Our Company is committed to fully investigating all accidents or near miss incidents. The results of such investigations and any necessary corrective action will be brought to the attention of all concerned, so they all may learn from the incident.

Learning is a never ending journey on the road to excellence, thus Effective Training is fundamental to our Company’s business and its safety culture. As our standards constantly improve, new goals and targets are set which all our personnel shall strive to achieve.